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Hello, my name is Philippe;
I’m a Senior Industrial Designer and
I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, and now #cablestop is available on the Website

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Design Quarterly Philippe Guichard

Design Quarterly Philippe Guichard

 I was born in 1970 in Rouen, France. I grew up in a happy family of four children. Due to my dad’s job we moved quite a bit, so I was lucky to experience different parts of France.

When I was 18, I started at an engineering school in Compiègne and was introduced to an industrial designer. As soon as I visited his design studio I knew what I wanted to be!

To pursue my design career, I studied Industrial Design in Canada (School of Industrial Design at Carleton University, Ottawa) after completing my degree in mechanical engineering in Saint-Etienne. I graduated in 1994 with first class honours.

Aged 23, I started my own design studio and also patented one of my first designs, a five-functions sofa chair. I directed this studio for over eight years, and then closed the business in order to be an in-house designer for a couple of companies. At that time, I was living in the Alps in different cities such as Chambéry, Annecy or Aix-Les-bains (this area’s beauty is compared to Canada and has the nickname “littlecanada”).
My design studio was located in an innovation business park: Savoie Technolac, a beautiful and dynamic location!

I then met an Australian lady who was travelling through France and after we got married in June 2010 we decided to move to Melbourne, her city.

So I have been living in Australia since 2011 and enjoying the Melbourne great quality of life.
I have since launched my own design studio, D2.

“Innovation using industrial design and product design” is my new mantra!
I also write a blog about design, as I love to see what other designers do and like to share what I think is relevant. You can read here an interview about me that has been done in Melbourne this year.

I also have an entrepreneur mind, and I have launched my very first product that was funded last year via a successful crowdfunding campaign.

kickstarter cablestop project

kickstarter cablestop project